Monday, 23 May 2011


We weren't really planning on staying in Bangkok, but we stopped over there already so we decided to extend a day. The hotel was awesome, food was delicious and shopping was cheap. Bianca ate fried rice the whole time we were there, and I just ate Pad Thai the whole time I was there. It was fun. Too bad we only stayed there a day, I didn't want to leave.

@ a restaurant near the hotel. We passed this alley way that served as a shortcut to the mall.

@ a resto in Central Mall. It was nice there. Place was really cute. :)

Such pretty hand-made shoes. Shoes are covered all over with buttons, it was so colorful and I can't believe people were so patient to do these things. It was sort of expensive though, but I really wanted one.

@ the Bankok airport, waiting for our flight going home.

In the airplane, rode Thai Airways. Posing with the free orchid they gave us.

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